~ Goshen Stone Company Inc. ~ Gary Warner President (413) 268-7171 Walkway stones, Patio Stone, Wall stone, Steps, Stepping stones.
~ Goshen Stone Company Inc. ~ Gary Warner President (413) 268-7171Walkway stones, Patio Stone, Wall stone, Steps, Stepping stones.

You can only buy Goshen Stone in Goshen Massachusetts!

Our landscaping stone is a micaschist flat stone formed in the lower Devonian Period (400 million years ago).  Goshen stone is a metamorphic rock derived from sandy mud sediments deposited on an acient sea botton.  This beautiful Goshen stone is mostly silver and dark grey color with some coppers, rust and golds.


We invite you to venture out to our quarry and office in Goshen, Massachusetts.  You will see many uses of the Goshen stone incorporated at out site.  We have many stonewalls, steps and patios to wander as well as a small waterfall and pond with fish and frogs.  Future plans include a Japanese garden, a gazebo and expanding our herb and perennials gardens.


Here are a few pictures of our visitors.

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