~ Goshen Stone Company Inc. ~ Gary Warner President (413) 268-7171 Walkway stones, Patio Stone, Wall stone, Steps, Stepping stones.
~ Goshen Stone Company Inc. ~ Gary Warner President (413) 268-7171Walkway stones, Patio Stone, Wall stone, Steps, Stepping stones.

Here is some basic pricing for Davenport's Deliveries


Goshen, Ma               $110.00         Brattleboro, Vt       $340.00

Westhampton, Ma      $200.00         Dummerston, Vt     $330.00

Southampton, Ma       $240.00         Putney, Vt             $360.00

Northampton, Ma        $225.00         Wilmington, VT      $400.00

 Westfield, Ma             $270.00          Newfame, Vt         $380.00


Simsbury, Ct                  $490.00              Sunapee, NH           $560.00

Stafford Springs, Ct        $350.00              Nashua, NH             $530.00

Granby, Ct                     $350.00               Andover, NH           $680.00

Warren, Ct                     $550.00            W. Chesterfield, NH    $385.00

Woodbury, Ct                 $600.00                 Harrisville, NH       $450.00


Ogunquit, ME             $775.00            Charlestown, RI       $740.00


Davenport's truck can hold 700 sq ft of Patio or 20 tons of wall stone or a combination.


We don't guaranty that stone will not break during delivery.


Davenport's truck has barn doors that open and slide to the side of the truck for easy unloading.


     J & J and Son has a dumpster truck that he can lower the dumpster to the ground for easy unloading from the ground.  It can hold 300 sq ft of patio or 5 tons of wall stone.


Click the link below to actually see a delivery with our good friend            Bill Wzorek from Sticks n Stones




J & J and Son
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